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Sportsmart is excited about being involved with local clubs through the Club Advantage program.

The Club Advantage program is designed to help support local clubs by offering a tool to help fund the cost of new sporting equipment.

Our aim is to offer sports clubs and associations the most support possible to help them achieve their goals.

How Club Advantage can benefit your club:

  • Club Advantage offers a rebate of up to 6% on individual purchases, to spend on sporting equipment.
  • Your club members will receive a 5% discount off the normal selling price.
  • Access to exclusive promotions, VIP days and special offers to ensure your players have the right gear at the right price to perform at their best.

3% REBATE: Simply sign up your club!

6% REBATE: Sign up your club then go to the Boost your rebate page to set up Sportsmart presence on your club's website to help keep your members up-to-date with our latest offers.

Check out our How it works & FAQ page for more information about Club Advantage, or email if you have any queries or feedback about the program.

Yours in sport,

Gerrard Woods
Director, Sportsmart

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